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Whatever you need, a dumper, bulldozer or an excavator, STC Services Plant Hire Ltd can help you with all your plant hire needs. Based in Lancashire, we offer an extensive fleet of construction equipment for domestic and commercial projects. Our equipment works efficiently even in the most difficult ground conditions and can be modified to carry liquids if required.

What we offer

STC Services Plant Hire Ltd offers tracked dumpers, sealed bodied dumpers, vibrating roller and bulldozers on hire. We currently own two tracked dumpers, one on steel tracks that is best suited for forestry work or where conditions might cause damage to rubber tracks. The steel tracker dumper can also be modified to extreme low ground pressure with tracks up to 4ft wide.

The other, with rubber tracks is best suited for general work and functions efficiently on soft ground conditions, making it capable of travelling where wheeled dumpers just can’t go. Both machines can be fitted with a tailgate to carry silt or slurry.

Our sealed bodied dump truck is capable of carrying liquids, silt or slurry. The sealed tailgate with rubber seals stops spillages of waste and minimises contamination. We have experience working in quarry lagoons and fishing ponds where the waste had to be taken through car parks without any spillages. The tailgate can be removed for general excavation and material removal process. We specialise in water and landscapes.

Our bulldozer is a Cat D5H LGP and can be equipped with the 72t vibrating roller if necessary. Football pitch reconstruction and stoning up of factory car parks in conjunction with laser for an accurate finish are among some of our previous works.

Based in Lancashire, we also offer dredging and environmental contracting services across the UK. Get in touch with our experts for more details on how we can help

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