Expert dredging and restoration service in Lancashire

Adding a beautiful pond to your property or cleaning your existing ones is not difficult anymore. Based in Blackburn, Lancashire, STC Services Plant Hire Ltd offers excellent dredging and restoration services at prices that won’t break the bank. We cater to domestic and commercial clients. Get in touch with us to discuss your project.

Dragline dredging and floating silt pusher

STC Services Plant Hire Ltd now offers a 38 RB dragline weighing 54 tons with a 80ft JIB that can be extended to 100ft if your project requires. We also offer mini dragline which helps in dredging the surface of a lagoon up to 150 metres in length.

Take advantage of our NEW 2015 bespoke service which offers aquatic solutions for all areas using silt pushers and dozers. If you’re dealing with challenging environments like ponds, canals, marinas, lakes or agricultural lagoons, you could use our unique floating slit pushers or dozers. This equipment undertakes weed recovery work by boat with a working envelope of approximately 150 metres from the embankment. A winch pulls the dredger through the slit and vegetation to solid land where the debris are dragged in with the dozer blades and are easily lifted away by an excavator.

An alternative attachment ‘rake’ enables aquatic vegetation to be dragged up removing plants, vegetation, weeds and reeds from approximately 200 metres from the shore and thus helping in the prevention of further regrowth. When used in conjunction with the dragline this can give an excavation outreach of approximately 150 metres at depths of up to 30 metres for hard digging. This makes it an ideal piece of kit for situations where access is restricted or where water levels cannot be lowered by other methods and the formation level is simply too deep.

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