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Quarrying and construction Our plant services

Canals, rivers and marinas: 

•  Dredging and bank repair

•  Development, maintenance and construction

•  Floating excavator and pontoon

•  Coffer dams

•  Dig and dump dredging

Our plant services

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Machines available:

•  Tracked dumpers

•  Sealed bodied dumpers

•  Long reach excavators

•  Mini dragline

•  Large dragline

•  Gritters

•  Snow ploughs

•  Bulldozer

•  Vibrating roller

•  Floating excavator or pontoon

•  Winch Tractor

•  Grass Tractor

•  Drain Trencher

Lagoons, lakes, reservoirs and ponds:

•  Construction, maintenance and development

•  Dredging

•  Pontoon dredging


•  Weed cutting and clearance

•  Bulk excavation and land form creation

•  Inlets, outlets and overflows


•  Drains

•  Building works

•  Earth removal

•  Excavation

Gritting and snow removal:

•  Snow removal

•  Car Park gritting

•  Footpath gritting

•  Snow ploughing


•  Arena construction

•  Stable construction

•  Fencing

•  All weather and access tracks

•  Yard construction

•  Concrete bases

•  Bespoke stables

•  Resurfacing

•  Gallops

•  Bridle paths

Quarrying and construction

Based in Blackburn, Lancashire, STC Services Plant Hire Ltd has worked in various quarries across the UK, clearing their lagoons and extracting mineral deposits. We have also excavated coffer dams, slot drains on motorway embankments, railways bank regrading and working on erosion control on reservoirs. Check our previous projects for more details.

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